Een uitgestrekt natuurgebied nabij historisch Delft

The Uylenburg lies in the old neighbourhood of ‘Klein Delftgauw’ inbetween the meadows

Our ‘garden’ is an amazing spacious nature reserve with a walking path, a cycle path, also a beautiful lake to swim in, to surf and to go fishing (500 m).

At only 2 kilometer distance lies the historic Delft. Explore the old canal houses, the New Church with famous tombs of the royal house and the Prinsenhof. You can rest in the cozy brown cafes and restaurants.

Bieslandse hoeve | StiltegoedBieslandse bos | Delftse Hout | Kinderboederij | Centrum Delft | Krekengebied



Hoeve Biesland

Hoeve Biesland is a biological-dynamic farm in the Randstad where meat, bread, raw milk and vegetables are produced. There is a farm shop with local products, they offer daytime activities for people with special needs, deliver goods to the catering sector and are actively involved in landscape management.

Check the website for more information and activities.



Stiltegoed is an area in the middle of the Bieslandse Polder, where you can just ‘be’. A place accessible for everyone where the nature, the panoramic views and the silence are inviting you for meditation or day dreams.

Combined with a 2-day meeting package there is the possibility to start the day with a guided ‘walk in silence’ ending with a meditation.


Bieslandse Bos

The Bieslandse Bos is a forest which doesn’t exist that long. Together with The Balij the Bieslandse Bos is a steadily growing ‘green long’ between Delft and Zoetermeer. It is wonderful to walk here. In this swampy forest there are many kinds of birds: from common grasshopper warble to gadwall and from a beautiful spoonbill to the common merganser. There a cycle ways and picnic areas.

Check the site of Staatsbosbeheer for more information. Are you curious about all activities and events in and around the Bieslandse polder? Check the website of Vrienden van Biesland.


Delftse Hout

Nature and recreation area Delftse Hout consists of a lake, forest and has a lot of activities to offer. There’s the children’s urban farm and water playground, a camping and nature and environmental data centre ‘De Papaver’.

Check the website of the Delftse Hout for more information.


Children’s Urban Farm BuytenDelft

Situated in the Delftse Hout you can find the children’s urban farm and water playground BuytenDelft. Fun activities for the kids take place at the urban farm throughout the year. BuytenDelft is open 7 days per week.


City centre of Delft

The historical centre of Delft is world famous for several reasons. The beautiful Delft Blue, the famous painters, historical buildings and impressive museums and exhibitions are a very good reason to visit Delft.

Check the site of Delft for more information.



The Krekengebied is part of the forestry De Balij and Bieslandse bos and have a lot of different trails. The area is easily accessible and many walkers enjoy this part of nature. The many visitors don’t seem to bother the birds. There aren’t many places where so many different kind of birds show off.

The area is situated directly behind our Estate. Read more about this area.